One second is all it takes.
To see, feel, understand, decide.
It is one turn of the head in the right direction
One glance across a busy street
One firm handshake
One look into a pair of eyes
That will thrill you
Fascinate you
Make you trust, inspire you, make you fall in love –
Change your life.
There is no more than a second of a chance for a first impression.
One second can make you shine – or let you go unnoticed.
Let’s not waste those precious seconds.
Let’s fill them with WOW.


BRABUS Signature Night takes the audience on an unprecedented adventure. Recombining elements of presentation from both the realms of industrial design and fashion, it creates a runway show like no other. In doing so, it puts cars where they belong: in motion. Because who really wants to see things standing still?

In combining online and offline world premieres, it gives the live-audience an exclusive first hands-on impression of the newest Masterpieces.


The 2023 BRABUS collection revolves around the central BRABUS mission to design and engineer highly desirable luxury mobility icons that evoke an immediate - ONE SECOND - and a visceral, emotional - WOW - reaction both in the driver or wearer and those who take note. It recognizes the need for outstanding yet sophisticated and powerful, individual exclusivity. In focusing on a monochrome color palette – mostly glossy, painted or polished exterior finishes, highest-end materials such as carbon fiber and Inconel combined with delicate and highly detailed handmade interiors, all 2023 designs represent the brand-typical mixture of bold, power-projecting aesthetics and uncompromising, progressive elegance.

Pastel interiors enhance the luxury character of selected designs and simultaneously represent a challenge to sportier and traditionally BRABUS-colored interiors. Conventional, hybrid and electric drivetrains mix to offer both a fresh perspective and unprecedented power.
The 2023 show integrates the complete BRABUS catalogue. Next to its starring and scene-setting automobile Masterpieces, it leaves room for new boat designs and showcases the latest design-collaborations in the realm of motorbikes and watches.

Counting makes and models, the 2023 collection is the most diverse ever and thus continues to chart a new path forward for both the brand as well as the world of high-end, bespoke luxury mobility.


The “Jahrhunderthalle” in Bochum represents the “Ruhrgebiet“ – and therefore the manufacture’s geographical and historical roots. Placing the 2023 Signature Night in the center of North Rhein-Westphalia, which is also the industrial heart of Germany, is a further nod as well as a commitment to German craftsmanship and the region for the future.


All drivers are members of Team BRABUS who played crucial roles in the design, development and creation of the 2023 collection. By driving their creations onto the runway, they release their designs into the hands of the BRABUS community.



In a modernized and progressive take on an iconic photoshoot and with a hint to the favorite car of BRABUS founder Bodo Buschmann, the start of the 2023 collection is marked as always by a historical reference.


What are the expectations toward electric mobility? What elements of traditional luxury design will remain throughout the transformation of drivetrains? A fresh perspective.


Grown up and ready to roll, the first of several new, fully charged siblings of the BRABUS family comes in a fresh new look and continues a 20-year legacy.


When in doubt - go Superblack! No other color is quite like it. No other color has its effect. This Superblack Masterpiece is quintessentially BRABUS. Paying homage to the color that will always remain at the heart of the brand, it doesn’t compromise but goes full monochrome-cool.


Blurring the lines between industrial, automobile and fashion design, the 2023 collection of BRABUS garments presented the challenge to the brand‘s designers to answer the question: How to wear a BRABUS masterpiece?


The black limousine has long been a symbol of power. Ubiquitous in popular culture and unambiguous in its projection of seriousness and importance, it has marked the start to countless main actors’ appearances no matter the context. Contrasting it with a bright, unapologetic pastel turquoise blue interior transforms it into a confident and cheeky fashion statement.


No compromise is needed where this daily-driver Masterpiece combines cool Superblack aesthetics with high-end performance that packs a knock-out punch – enhanced in its design by rich interior textures and an overall high-end luxury feel achieved through advanced decorating techniques. Whether stitched or embroidered floors, stamped or embossed patterns, glazed or varnished trims, underlaid perforated seats, shadow-chromed wheels - every designer’s got to have their field day, right?


In a clash of perspectives, modern meets vintage and classic meets timeless. Reframing the elegant calm of 1950s and 1960s automobile design with the help of immaculate restorations shown in a colorful and fresh setting, the perception and perspective of a younger audience looking at classic automobiles is acknowledged. Because why can’t ‘classic’ also mean ‘contemporary’?


Continuing the progressive and experimental stance of 2022, a new kind of Masterpiece challenges traditional BRABUS designs with a colorful yet elegant pastel colored interior and significantly expands the range of brabusizing possibilities.


Inspired by an insatiable desire for adventure, this off-road tool combines pure adrenaline with a different, exclusive take on bespoke Masterpiece luxury. It conquers in a league of its own!


A staple in any classic wardrobe, dark blue is only battling black for the title of ‘most elegant color’. Inspired by both timeless sophistication and the depths of the ocean, this Masterpiece continues the BRABUS Deep Blue design series and returns it to the automobile.


Conventional and progressive engineering wisdom comes together to form the most powerful drivetrain in nearly five decades of BRABUS history. With its black and bold silhouette accentuated only by bright red interior highlights, this hybrid Masterpiece means business. It offers both a new driving experience as well as an outlook into the years to come.


Expanding on the latest design collaboration, Team BRABUS once again joined forces with the Austrian motorbike masters at KTM. The result: a detailed and purposeful evolution. The first two generations of BRABUS motorcycles meet to celebrate the start of this new chapter.


„Wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen.“

This old German proverb proclaims that once a journey is started, it must be continued. And while any car marked with the label ‘BRABUS Rocket’ is a rare beast, this combination has been unheard of. Until now. With its sleek and menacing silhouette, combined with a stance that’s both wide and low, it is pure One-Second-Wow.

Two release colors in typical monochrome BRABUS style offer different perspectives on the details of its meticulously refined bodywork.
Are you ready to Rocket?


It is big. It is wide. And it takes you anywhere you want. This Masterpiece is ready to go wild. It continues the ‘Stealth Green’ design series and brings it back to the road. Inspired by the latest release of BRABUS Marine, stealthy green meets subtle orange to create a new and adventurous look.


Some cars are just built different. Both head turner and extreme workhorse, its presence is undeniable.


Didn't get enough? Watch the full show on YouTube on 30th of June 12.00 pm CET!